Tuesday, April 28, 2009

update: free franklin

Thanks to all of our friends who helped us pull off FreeFranklin last week. Several people contributed money and manpower to Love Chapel Hill, one quarter at a time. It was exciting to hear our folks coming back with stories of surprised parkers, wondering why someone would do that for them. I like the way Justin put it, saying we were "interrupting the pattern of their daily routine" with unexpected love.

Even our DS (my pops) and our Assistant DS (Ernest Mullins, our greatest champion) participated in this quiet conspiracy. We are consistently moved and humbled by this kind of support and belief from our friends and leaders. One of my favorite moments from the day came when a guy gave dad two quarters to "help with the cause." Love is contagious. Pray that we keep catching it. And giving it away.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

free franklin

We are part of a new church with a mission: to Love Chapel Hill. But how, exactly, do you do that? How do you love a city?

Well, there are two things that everyone knows about our town:
1. Franklin Street is the symbolic and historic heart of Chapel Hill.
2. Parking on Franklin is a pain in the tail.

So, let’s start here. Let’s Free Franklin.

One day this Spring, we will pay for everyone’s parking on Franklin Street. The day will not be announced before hand. It will be an unexpected surprise. A free gift. This is our small way to Love Chapel Hill.

This is not a random act of kindness, but an intentional move of Love. An underground, grassroots conspiracy to give ourselves away.

Free Franklin. Are you in?

Sign up at FreeFranklin.com

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Friday, April 10, 2009

good friday

It's Friday morning. Good Friday morning. And that word "good' won't let me go.

"Good" is possibly one of the most important ideas to ever find its way into our theology.

In most cases, good is not as good as great. But today, I can't help but think that good is greater than great. Confused yet? Here's what I mean...

Anyone would assume that if there is a God, then He is great. By pure definition, He would have to be. If He is God, then He is immensely powerful, unrivaled in strength and might. To create and control all that we know, and have yet to discover, would require utter greatness.

That God is great is no surprise. Anyone would expect that. Even assume it.

But here is the surprise. Here is the 'better than you could have hoped for' revelation. Here is the twist in the plot that even the most optimistic and romantic among us would never dare to dream. God is more than great. God is good.

While limited power has corrupted the best of us, His purity of intention and motive only enhance His strength. His is a power that is not fueled by pride, but by humility. He demonstrates His might by mercy toward us. He moves with kindness and compassion. When our sin separated us from Him, His love launched a rescue mission to come and win us back. Setting aside His greatness, He became one of us. He embraced humility, and on this day on the cross, even humiliation.

He died, and took our sin with Him to the grave. He was raised back to life, and leads us into the new reality of resurrection.

Our selfish pride sealed our fate. His humble love changed the stars.

Yes, God is great! But, even more, He is good. He is full of mercy. He moves with kindness. He pursues us with forgiveness. He captivates us with grace. God is good.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

one shining moment

It's been a good week here in Chapel Hill. Several good friends came to town to watch the game and celebrate Carolina's win. Dustin AhKuoi even put in for vacation days several months ago just in case. That is love.

Here are a few videos to relive the experience. Starting off with the classic, 'One Shining Moment.' As a kid out at Webb Court (aka Jake's), this song was the soundtrack running in my head as I played basketball for hours. Enjoy the inspiration.

Cool time lapse shot of the celebration on Franklin Street. Can you see us? Another reason to Love Chapel Hill.

Timelapse: Franklin Street after the victory from The Daily Tar Heel on Vimeo.

Here's a longer video of the chaos.

Franklin Street: The Celebration from The Daily Tar Heel on Vimeo.

And as promised before, another picture with the green man.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

our new worship band

We found our worship band for our church. What do you think?

Bobby Knight looks like he almost blew out a knee on that slide. And he calls it 'The' Guitar Hero, in vintage old guy style. Classic. Another reason to love college basketball.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

urban coyotes

We were in DC last weekend for vacation. Riding the metro one morning, I saw this interesting newspaper headline: "Urban Coyotes Stir Alarm."

Well, I agree. The alarm was definitely stirred. But so was the intrigue.

Urban coyotes? Is this a new band that I haven't heard of? Or maybe an advanced, more sophisticated breed of beast, with cultured taste in trendy art and music? I pictured packs of them hanging out at the local coffee shop, with their skinny jeans, ironic vintage tees, dark rimmed glasses, scarf. Probably reading a collection of poetry from an obscure African farmer / activist / documentary filmmaker. Those smug urban coyotes. I wish I could be that cool.