Saturday, July 19, 2008

the landing list

A quick list to catch you up on life since landing in NC a week ago.

1. Last Friday I finished up a week at Indiana South District camp. To all my new friends there: remember who you are in the eyes of the Father, be baptized into the new pattern of life pioneered by Jesus, and stay filled with the Holy Spirit. Peace up, A-town down.
2. I came home from camp on Friday. We loaded up the u-haul that night. We moved to NC on Saturday morning.
3. Sarah’s parents, David and Mary Ann Presher, helped us move out of Wilmore, and move in on this end. They are awesome. Thanks so much for all of your help and support.
4. Sarah’s dad led the way in assembling in our new furniture, from a store that shall remain unnamed. Let’s just say that if Dave hadn’t been there, I probably would have searched out the nearest Swede and punched him in the face.
5. We now have new phone numbers. If you need it, email me at (While in the store, we saw Carolina basketball player Danny Green. Pretty cool).
6. We had NC East District Conference this week. Still feeling incredibly encouraged by the moving support and love shown to the four church plant / mission projects.
7. We have pretty much settled into our new place. Here’s a brief video tour. The film is not exactly Sundance material, but she'll do. Come and visit us soon. Much love.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

goodbye wilmore

We are packing things up and preparing to say goodbye to good ol' Wilmore in the next week and a half. It's funny how attached you can become to streets, buildings, wood trails, short little statues of John Wesley, and even gas stations (much love to clucker's). I am very grateful for this place, this time, and especially the people who have made this a rich experience for us. To all of our Wilmore friends: thanks and we love you. Peace.

"Goodbyes are hard. And you can't hug a city."
-Aram Mitchell

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