Monday, March 23, 2009

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

let's dance

I flat out love this time of year. Nothing like it. Full of imagination, dreams, unlikely heroics. Maybe that's why it conjures up imagery from ancient epics and fairy tales... 'Cinderella'... 'David vs Goliath'...

So, here are my picks for the Final Four.

Midwest: Louisville; West: UCONN; East: Duke; South: North Carolina

This sets up the ultimate Carolina-Duke battle in the Final Four. I hope they never meet in a championship game. Someone might die and cities would burn. And apocalyptic horsemen would appear on the horizon. It would not be good.

In the semis, Louisville takes out UCONN, and Carolina moves past Duke in a triple overtime blood bath / offensive barnburner. Barnburner is a great term. Coach K and Roy find a new level of respect for each other that nearly borders on like. Meeting at halfcourt for the postgame handshake, Roy invites Mike to lunch on Franklin St. Mike laughs. They agree to carpool to 'the story' Bible study instead.

This sets up a final between Louisville and UNC. The Big East has a chance to prove that they are the best conference with the best team. But they fail miserably. Roy's classy paisley tie tops Pitino's sleazy white suit. The ACC is hailed as unrivaled and Carolina collects the crown. We all go dancing on Franklin Street and I get my picture taken with the random celebratory green man...again.

What are your predictions?

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