Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer of love

We had a great day last Saturday. Since the first day she rolled into town, Jeanine Simmons has had this idea to give away PB&J on Franklin Street. So, on Saturday we set up a table, bringing the banquet to the street. We have been guests at the Table. Now, we get to be hosts. Can't help but remember the parable of the Banquet, when Jesus speaks of the host who rewrote the guest list, and got crazy with it. That is the spirit in which we decorated Franklin Street with colorful chalk, pointing the way to a free lunch. The table was spread with a wild assortment of bread, endless flavors of jam, and even homemade, organic peanut butter (courtesy of April Hastings). And to chase it down, PB&J's perfect partner in the dance of deliciousness... ice cold milk. White and chocolate, from local dairy Maple View Farms. Childish? No way. Child-like? Absolutely. And isn't that how the Kingdom shows itself?

Then, later that evening, we had our first worship gathering as a church. With the Old Well as a backdrop, we worshipped the God that loves us and loves our city. Our mission is never simply about our love for Chapel Hill, or even our love for God. It is about His love for us. The kind of Love that is so real, so robust, so full, so strong, so ridiculous, that if we catch even the smallest glimpse it will mess us up forever. The kind of Love that crossed every line and climbed every wall to get to us... to reclaim us... to rescue us. What would happen if we lived like we believed in that kind of Love?

We will Worship at the Well again July 18 and August 22 at 7 pm. Bring a blanket and a friend.

*Photography by Gary Kurtz and Nick Coronado.
The whole photo album is on facebook. Look for the album titled 'Worship at the Well.'
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

worship at the well

This Saturday night we are holding our first worship gathering for Love Chapel Hill. We will be meeting on the green next to the Old Well at 7 pm.

The Old Well is a landmark in Chapel Hill, a distinct symbol of the town and the University. It has always been a central image of life in our community-- once as the shared source of water, now as the required photo-op for visitors. That is why it is fitting (and strategic) for us to hold our first worship gathering on this spot.

We would love for you to grab a blanket and a friend and come join us. As always, please pray for us as God continues to dream through us for our town.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

love buckets

Last week we carried out another Love Chapel Hill mission. With the generous help of my friend Izzy AhKuoi (Dustin's dad) and Family Garden, we filled 6 large buckets with beautiful flowers and left them around town. A simple sign encouraged people to take a flower as a reminder that they are loved.

We did not expect to witness any of the response ourselves. The plan was to drop the buckets in strategic locations and slip away. But as we were carrying a bucket to the local hospital that morning, we offered a flower to a group of nurses heading home from the night shift. They asked who the flowers were for. We answered, "You."

They were clearly surprised (and maybe a little confused). As they took a flower, they said things like, "Last night was so tough. I need this flower. You don't know how much this means." As they walked away, One nurse said to the other, "See, doesn't that make last night go away?"

An older gentleman, with the help of a cane, was walking behind the nurses. He waited until they had flowers, and stepped up to see what was going on. We offered one to him as well. He seemed hesitant for a split second. Then, pulling one from the bucket he said with heavy emotion, "My wife's been real sick. Maybe this will do something for her."

We saw people, flowers in hand, walking Franklin, waiting at bus stops, riding their bikes. Businesses and offices put them on display in vases. Little kids, homeless guys, college students. By mid afternoon, not one single flower was left. Not one.


Friday, June 05, 2009

sarah's mom

Many of you know that Sarah's mom underwent brain surgery this week. While visiting us in NC, Mary Ann experienced confusion, headache and trouble with her speech. A trip to the ER on Monday and MRI revealed a mass on her brain. Surgery was performed on Wednesday.

You can follow frequent updates here. Thank you for the love and support that you have shown during this time. Please continue to pray for Sarah and her mom. Crisis tends to pull back the curtain on what we really believe. We found that our immediate impulse was to turn to friends for prayer.

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