Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shared Ordeal

I recently went camping with the fellas from my small group (The Fellowship: Wilmore Chapter). These guys have been a great source of encouragement and growth for me over the past couple of months. Much props (I'm so gangsta) to Keith Jagger, Ryan Forbes, Justin Simmons, Jeremy Summers and Josh LeRoy for a ridiculously cool "shared ordeal" that deepened the bond of an already strong friendship. A few things made this excursion unique: a) It was my second camping trip in the same weekend. b) We selected our campsite based on which one had the funniest name. c) Such a method of selection landed us on a campground that also happened to be an old west ghost town/abandoned trailor park. That, my friends, is a recipe for adventure. Much love to the hobo brotherhood.
("Shared ordeal" is a term that Keith uses a lot. I loved it so much I stole it. That's him in the 'stocks' that we found in the ghost town's public square. I told you it was freaky.)

Ah, my trusty old friend.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Koom-by-ya, My Friend

A couple of weekends ago Sarah and I went camping with our very good friends (who also happen to be our cool neighbors) Justin and Jeanine Simmons. We headed out to the Red River Gorge here in Kentucky. We had a beautiful, clear night. Oh yeah, and it was cold as all get out. But the fire more than made up for that. Special thanks to wilderness guru Seth Lundeen for letting us borrow his tent.