Saturday, August 22, 2009


One of my favorite writers/thinkers of late, Alan Hirsch, recently sent out the following tweet: "A saint is a person who makes it easier for others to believe in God."

That makes me think of my dad.

We threw a surprise party for his 60th birthday last night, and it had me reflecting on that quote. I have found in working with teens and college students that an entire generation is trying to navigate through broken relationships with fathers, and the real effect that has on how they view God... and how they think God views them.

I am deeply grateful for my dad, who loves and leads in such a way that makes it natural and possible to believe in God as a good, loving Father. My brothers and I are blessed for that. And at the same time, we are acutely aware that many sons and daughters have experienced a different reality, and this very same relationship has defined and affirmed their disbelief.

So, calling all saints: let your life be a reason to believe.

Thanks dad.