Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last weekend I attended FUEL, a conference for Wesleyan youth pastors in Indianapolis. I was deeply encouraged by several things... seeing old friends again, being stranded in the airport with the fellas from NC (pictured: trying to entertain ourselves), and being with Dustin & Miriam for third time in four weeks.

But I was most encouraged by the direction of the conference itself. Rather than focusing on more nuts and bolts of ministry strategy, this was focused on the often neglected soul of the pastor. The main sessions were about marriage and mercy, while the breakouts zeroed in on topics like addressing the inappropriate, accountability, family as our first call, protecting integrity and confronting sin in ministry. Says a lot about our leadership-- reveals their wisdom and heart for the pastors they serve. Props to Scott Simmons and Matt Rhodes from our Spiritual Formation Department for a great conference.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

bailouts, ben harper, and a better way

Rollin' down the street (makes me think of a snoop/dre classic, circa mid 90's) this morning, listening to npr ('as was his custom'). Much of the talk swirling around the current economic crisis, and the so-called bailout bill that the Senate passed with all of the enthusiasm of a kid downing a spoonful of doctor's orders. Closing eyes, holding nose.

Needing a break from the bailout, I turn on some music, via the handy "oh just surprise me" shuffle list. Enter Ben Harper- who strikes me as part pirate, part prophet- singing about a better way...

What good is a man who won't take a stand / What good is a Senate with no better plan / But I believe in a better way.
Reality is sharp, cuts like a knife / Everyone I know is in the fight of their lives / But I believe in a better way.

This post is not an indictment of our leaders. Nor is it intended to be political commentary.
It's a reminder of what is bigger. And better.
Here's to the Better Way. And to The Pioneer who paved it, drawing us in behind Him.

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