Sunday, November 12, 2006


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine passed away. His name was Virgil Mitchell and he was 92 years old. Dr. Mitchell was pretty much a legend in The Wesleyan Church... a humble giant... an encouragement and conviction to my spirit. One week before he died, I had the honor of speaking to him on the phone and thanking him for his well-walked life. His voice was strong and full of courage. This was a man of gentle greatness and I am blessed to have known him. Here is a poem I wrote in his honor...


little old man
as big as they come
age-ed and wise
easy and young

look in his eyes
what do you see?
holiness ablaze
encased in the meek

homeward bound pilgrim
journey of joys
the thunder
has a gentle voice

let me walk in the shadow
that falls where he stands
a planting of splendor
tall oak of a man